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Free Enneagram Downloads will be an ongoing feature of
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NEW: Three New Downloads – For Newer Enneagram Students
  Think of this latest set of free audio downloads as “Enneagram 101”. Beginning with the mini-meditation, we encourage you to listen to all three audio downloads as they speak to basic components of the Enneagram system. They include the Inner Observer, without which the Enneagram is nothing more than another personality typology, the categories of type, and the habitual focus of attention for each of the nine Enneagram types.  We are pleased to offer these free audio downloads in support of your ongoing efforts to learn and practice the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram. Enjoy!
A Mini-Meditation: The Inner Observer   What are the Categories of Type?

Focus of Attention

  Click here to downloadListen as Helen Palmer introduces you to the reality of your own “Inner Observer”. This free audio download is quick, persuasive, and personal in its presentation of that aspect of our awareness so fundamental to the practice of the Enneagram.  (Audio, running time approximately 2 minutes)

For more on the Inner Observer, you can read a 1 page discussion on this website or purchase “The Inner Observer – A Guided Meditation by Helen Palmer” in our online store.

    Click here to downloadHelen was asked this basic question at a recent Enneagram seminar and we recorded her answer for your information. In this three minute audio download, Helen offers an orientation to what stands between your type and access to higher realms of knowing, a subject so fundamental to effective self-observational practice. “What are the categories of type?” Listen and learn. (Audio, running time approximately 3 minutes)     Click here to downloadEach of the nine Enneagram types is marked by a distinctive habitual focus of attention. This particular pattern of thinking and feeling, called the “cognitive-emotional habit” is most apparent when a person is under stress. Listen and learn as Helen succinctly describes each type’s habit of attention in this short audio download. She begins at the top of the Enneagram symbol with type Nine.  (Audio, running time approximately 4 minutes)  
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Interviews with Helen Palmer
“Spiritually Speaking"   “Mindfulness and the Enneagram”

“Spiritually Speaking ”
Helen Palmer/George Winton Interview
12 minute audio

Interested in becoming a more effective person in love and work? Tune into a fascinating conversation between Helen Palmer and George Winton, Cincinnati radio host of "Life is Meant to be Good" as they discuss the strategy of the Enneagram. Listen as Helen offers a succinct and pointed orientation to all things Enneagram, including, a description of Type One, the Perfectionist. Sound like anybody you know?


“Mindfulness and the Enneagram”
Helen Palmer/Rich Simon Interview
47 minute audio

Click here to downloadThis 45 minute audio features an interview of Helen Palmer by Rich Simon, editor of the national publication, “The Psychotherapy Networker”.   The interview took place on January 30, 2007 and was part of a series of nation-wide teleconferences conducted by Mr. Simon with recognized experts and thinkers in the field of mindfulness.  Listen as Helen presents the Enneagram, discusses the reality of type structure and introduces the Inner Observer as key to the cultivation of mindfulness in the moment.  She even guides an on-air  meditation!  So, sit back, tune-in, and enjoy!  

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